Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello! Finishing off July with a bang....of heat! I mean that it's getting hotter here now, but it's whatever, it doesn't get to me. So it's actually kind of weird for me to be passing through July and starting August, and this next Sunday I will officially have 19 months in the mission field, which means I will have about 4 and a half months left....which is not a lot of time for a missionary! It makes me realize that I need to pick up my game, and work even harder so I can finish the mission well!

Anyways, this week was much like the last. My companion got sick again, but this time not of dehydration, but he managed to get a stomach bug. Or something of the sort, we don't really know what he has, but it's been giving him stomach troubles this entire last week. He's had to rest even more, take more medication, and we've had to pray more and more. We went to the hospital today so they could do an analysis with him and later they're going to send the results. So yeah, being sick in the mission is not fun. Don't do it.

So we're going to have baptisms on Sunday.....WOO! We have a young couple, René and Gabi, that we've been teaching, and their baptismal date is for this sunday! It's not on saturday, like normal, because they leave their jobs really late at night from monday to saturday, but sunday they don't work, so that's the opportune moment it seems like. Pictures should be in by next week :)

Yeah, so we really didn't do much this week, since my companion got sick...but he seems better, so I hope we'll be able to get out and do some work. 

Until next week!
Elder Morrison