Monday, August 1, 2016

1 - Want some cricket stew???

2 - Clouds, I like the clouds here

3 - So, I was doing exercise with those elastic bands, and it broke and it whipped my foot...

4 - That is water that leaked from the ceiling one night

Hello! Finishing off July with a bang....of heat! I mean that it's getting hotter here now, but it's whatever, it doesn't get to me. So it's actually kind of weird for me to be passing through July and starting August, and this next Sunday I will officially have 19 months in the mission field, which means I will have about 4 and a half months left....which is not a lot of time for a missionary! It makes me realize that I need to pick up my game, and work even harder so I can finish the mission well!

Anyways, this week was much like the last. My companion got sick again, but this time not of dehydration, but he managed to get a stomach bug. Or something of the sort, we don't really know what he has, but it's been giving him stomach troubles this entire last week. He's had to rest even more, take more medication, and we've had to pray more and more. We went to the hospital today so they could do an analysis with him and later they're going to send the results. So yeah, being sick in the mission is not fun. Don't do it.

So we're going to have baptisms on Sunday.....WOO! We have a young couple, René and Gabi, that we've been teaching, and their baptismal date is for this sunday! It's not on saturday, like normal, because they leave their jobs really late at night from monday to saturday, but sunday they don't work, so that's the opportune moment it seems like. Pictures should be in by next week :)

Yeah, so we really didn't do much this week, since my companion got sick...but he seems better, so I hope we'll be able to get out and do some work. 

Until next week!
Elder Morrison

Monday, July 25, 2016

1 - Preparing.....

2 - ...For the district photo!

3 - The sunsets here are pretty cool

4 - Mexican Subway, with the guapísimo Elder Reid

Hello! I'm finishing yet another week in Sochiloa, and this week was very very different from any other week I've had so far. The heat is getting stronger and stronger still, and we've been getting some precipitation as well! There's plenty of heat, and a good number of rainstorms during the summer here in Obregon. 

So, the reason why this week was so different was because what happened with my companion Elder Reid. In the beginning of the week, he went to Guaymas told renew his visa, so he could be legal still. He came back with a stomach full of pizza and candy, which for a missionary that walks at least a mile a day.....that's not good. He felt sick and tired shortly after he came home, but we thought it would pass the next day.

Tuesday comes, and we have our district meeting and everything is fine. After all that we go to a member's house because we wash our clothes there and we left them there from yesterday. When we got there, my companion looked like he was going to faint! He laid down and we bought him some Suero and we had to cut the day short there because my companion was suffering from the heat, he got dehydrated.

So, for most of the week he's been resting and working on getting better, yesterday we had to go to the hospital and they put him on an IV because he got dehydrated...again. But now, all is well and he's back to health....I hope...

Anyways, we're seeing good progress with some investigators and we're expecting a baptism in a couple weeks! Fingers crossed! This week we're going back to work and we'll see what we can do to find new investigators and do everything else we missionaries do :)

Here's to another week!!
Elder Morrison
1 - President and Sister Myers

2 - These pills have a weird name...

3 - We also cleaned up and painted a house for a new sister companionship

4 - Welcome sister missionaries to District Constitucion

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey everyone! Passing through the first week of this transfer with my new comp Elder Reid! I'm getting to know him better and we're seeing good progress in our area Sochiloa!

We had quite an experience this last thursday, with our new mission president actually, President Myers. He joined us to an appointment with our investigator René. We came to the house, and we found René alone, his wife wasn't there. We were talking, President Myers was getting to know René...and WOOM! We get hit with rain showers and wind! Then, the light went out! We pulled out our phones with the neat little flashlight and we continued. Then René gets a call from his wife, Gabi, telling him to come pick her up because she doesn't want to drive in the rain. We all decided to go, so we all packed into President Myers's van and we went to go pick up Gabi. We arrived and René hopped off to go with his wife, and the rest of us went back to René's house. While we're on our way back, I get a call from the sister missionaries. Due to the rain, they were stuck in a little store, and they wanted a ride. SO! We went and picked them up, got lost a little, and then we dropped them off by a member's house. THEN! We went back to René's house and had a very powerful lesson. It was a crazy experience that none of us expected, but it all turned out for the better haha.

We also are receiving quite a few fruits from our labor, or rather, food from our labor. In that same night, René gave us some nice chipotle chicken with some rice to take home for dinner! Oh man, it was so good!!! Also, we visited a mom and her daughter this week too. A member talked to us about them and presented us to them and we had a lesson. The next day, or the day after, they call us and they invite us to eat lunch with them! Wow! I wasn't expecting that! I guess we made quite the impression for them to invite us over. 

So, this last week was quite interesting, and we're going to see what we can do in this week to come while the days are getting hotter and hotter, and while we keep drinking more and more water each day haha.

Here's to another week!
Elder Morrison

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hey everyone! Finally done with yet another transfer in the mission, and it looks like I'm staying in Sochiloa for another month and a half! My companion left to another area, and I received a new companion. My new companion is..................a gringo! An elder from the United States! Woah! I received Elder Reid, from Virginia. He has 1 year in the mission field and he's a chill guy! This is the first time I met him, and we're going to rock Sochiloa! It's not often putting two white guys together in Mexico, but I guess it sometimes happens! This should be fun haha...

Also! This last week, we got to meet our new mission president! We had a special zone conference last week and we got to meet President and Sister Myers! They come from Ogden, Utah, and they introduced themselves and also talked about interesting things that we need to apply in the mission field. One of them is that we need to expand our "comfort zone" in order to achieve miracles. When we do that continually, our comfort zone expands, therefore we need to give an even bigger effort in order to achieve even greater miracles! It's a really cool concept and we'll see if it works!

The rest of the time we've been working hard to find new investigators, and continue working with our investigators with their baptismal dates. We're seeing good progress with two investigators, René and Gabriella, a young couple (René is a guy's name here). We're going to keep working with faith so we can get some baptisms! 

That's what's going on in our area, let's hope for the best!
Until next week!
Elder Morrison