Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello! I'm finishing yet another week in Sochiloa, and this week was very very different from any other week I've had so far. The heat is getting stronger and stronger still, and we've been getting some precipitation as well! There's plenty of heat, and a good number of rainstorms during the summer here in Obregon. 

So, the reason why this week was so different was because what happened with my companion Elder Reid. In the beginning of the week, he went to Guaymas told renew his visa, so he could be legal still. He came back with a stomach full of pizza and candy, which for a missionary that walks at least a mile a day.....that's not good. He felt sick and tired shortly after he came home, but we thought it would pass the next day.

Tuesday comes, and we have our district meeting and everything is fine. After all that we go to a member's house because we wash our clothes there and we left them there from yesterday. When we got there, my companion looked like he was going to faint! He laid down and we bought him some Suero and we had to cut the day short there because my companion was suffering from the heat, he got dehydrated.

So, for most of the week he's been resting and working on getting better, yesterday we had to go to the hospital and they put him on an IV because he got dehydrated...again. But now, all is well and he's back to health....I hope...

Anyways, we're seeing good progress with some investigators and we're expecting a baptism in a couple weeks! Fingers crossed! This week we're going back to work and we'll see what we can do to find new investigators and do everything else we missionaries do :)

Here's to another week!!
Elder Morrison