Monday, July 4, 2016

Hey everyone! Finishing another week in the mission, and wishing a nice farewell to the sister missionaries that were with me in the MTC, as they are finishing their missions while I'm just passing by the 18-month benchmark. This next week will be the last week of this transfer, so by next monday's letter I might have a new companion! It's most likely that I'll be staying in this area, Sochiloa, because my companion already has around 4 and a half months here, so he'll probably get transferred to another area.

So! This week was alright for us, we didn't have as many lessons as we wanted, nor street contacts, but something that went very well for us is that we had 2 investigators come to church! Woo! One of the investigators, is named René, it's a guy. René is a guy's name here....anyways! This guy is super cool, he loves to listen to us and learn the gospel and he wants to improve his life. We call him Leonidas, because when we met him he had this huge manly beard, and he looked like King Leonidas from 300, then he shaved and he looks normal. So, he's our next baptism in sight. Prayers would be helpful so that he and his wife, Gabriella, can progress!

We also had a zone conference on Saturday, and we were expecting to meet our new mission president, President Myers, but no. It was just a normal zone conference. However! We will be having a special zone meeting this week, where we will get to meet President Myers and his wife. I'm excited to meet him, and it'll be interesting having a new mission president. I was getting used to President Munive, oh well!

That was our week pretty much, the rest of the time we've been working hard and dealing with the heat, although it did rain a few times this last week. We're focusing on drinking tons of water to stay hydrated and putting on sunscreen so we don't get cooked by the sun.

Here's to another week!
Elder Morrison