Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey everyone! Finishing another week in Sochiloa! This week went alright for us, we didn't have that many lessons, and it is getting quite hot....but the good thing is that we had a baptism! Woo! Fruits of our labors! So all of that was pretty much worth it since we had a baptism.

This week was pretty fun actually, we had quite a few events happen throughout the week. 

On monday we had a zone activity! We, as a zone, all went to the stake center of our zone and we played games and had tons of fun. We played Jenga, funny party games, and we played some basketball too. I really enjoyed it, and it was a nice chance to relax and relieve some mission stress hahaha. 

On wednesday, we had a special zone meeting too. This was to say goodbye to our mission president, President Munive. He is now finishing his own time as mission president. Actually as I'm writing this letter, our new mission president is arriving and settling in here in the mission. We heard some training lectures and we all took pictures with President Munive at the end of the meeting. It's sad to see him leave, he really was an amazing mission president, but I'm sure that the new president is going to be just as great!

As I said before, we had a baptism! On saturday, we had the baptismal service and it was in the morning, usually we hold the service in the evening, like at 6. We cleaned the room where the baptismal font was, we cleaned the font, filled it up and prepared everything so the service would be perfect! It was a nice service, a good amount of people came, and my companion and I felt accomplished haha. Afterwards, the new convert's family invited us to have some pizza and cake at their house to celebrate. #fruitsofourlabors

So that was my week! Some good things going on, and we're probably going to meet our new mission president sometime this week! More details coming soon!

Until next week!
Elder Morrison