Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everyone! I have another week down in the books, and I keep getting older and older in the mission. Something strange in the mission is when you realize how long you've been out in the field when you meet and talk to new missionaries that recently came to the field or have less time than you. For example, in my district, I'm the missionary that has the most time in the field, which is weird for me. I was getting used to being the youngest missionary before, now everyone is telling me "Wow, you've been out for so long!" or "Man, you're almost done!". And I'm just like.....woah you're right hahaha.

Like I said last week, we've been searching for chances to do some service, for members or non members. We got the chance to lend a hand with a family in the ward, by taking down a trampoline. As we all know, we're moving into summer, and therefore it's super hot. The dad of the family asked us to take apart his trampoline, since his kids weren't going to use it because of the heat. We went in the morning, when it wasn't too hot. When we were done, they invited us to eat breakfast, and it was super cool! Service brings blessings!

One day of this past week, I don't remember which, we went to go get some weights! A while ago, there was a companionship of elders in the district, but now sister missionaries have replaced them. The elders before had a nice set of dumbbells and a barbell. We knew that the sister missionaries weren't going to use them, so we asked them for the weights and one morning we went and picked them up! We carried the weights from their house all the way to ours, and it took us like 30 minutes I think. It was tough carrying them all the way from the sisters' house, our shoulders and necks hurt the day after. #getswoll

Today, we took a trip to the mission offices. We were summoned by the mission president and his wife, to check our area books and to practice teaching! We practiced teaching in english and in spanish, and it was the first time I ever taught in english. It was a bit harder than I thought! We passed with flying colors and we received some good advice on how to improve our area. Good stuff.

So those were the highlights of my week. The rest of the time, we've been looking for gold in our area, and finding people to teach. We are preparing for some baptisms in this transfer! More details coming soon!

Until next week!
Elder Morrison