Monday, June 20, 2016

Hey everyone! Finishing another week of this transfer, and each day I feel it getting hotter and hotter. Supposedly it's supposed to be in about 105 degrees this entire week, so that's pretty cool......not really, drink lots of water!!!!

This week went alright for us, we're seeing progress with our investigators and we're expecting a baptism this saturday (WOO!), fingers crossed! But! We need to find new investigators so we don't end up with nobody to teach, that's bad. We found a good amount of new investigators this past week, and they seem like they can progress, so we'll see what happens. 

On Friday, we had companion exchanges with our district leader. I went to his area, Constitution, and the district leader Elder Nilson from Spanish Fork, UT, came to Sochiloa and worked with my companion. It was fun working with his companion Elder Tellez, we're all friends, we've all met before so we're already good friends, it's the coolest thing ever. We finished the exchanges the day after and I returned to Sochiloa. 

On Sunday, there was a baptism! Of another companionship. But we brought one of our investigators, Aaron, to the baptismal service so he could see how it was done. Aaron is a 11 year old kid that is preparing to be baptized this saturday! We're going to visit him a lot this week to help him prepare and all that stuff, this kid is super cool and he knows his gospel stuff. Prayers would be much appreciated, so that everything works out with Aaron!

And yeah! That was our week, pretty fun, we have some events planned for this week to come, more details next week!
Until next Monday!
Elder Morrison