Monday, December 14, 2015

Settling In and Guaymas Strikes Back

Hey everybody! One more week in December, and it's getting closer and closer to Christmas! I'm so excited! People are setting up their decorations here and it's actually getting cold here! I never thought I could get so cold in a place like Mexico! But it's alright, the mission is a learning experience I guess hahaha.

Well first of all, this is our first week in the transfer and our first week in a new area. We're still trying to know all the streets and where the members live, we're starting with all the members and we're contacting people along the way and trying to find the investigators in our area book. What we're doing is called "opening an area" because both missionaries of this companionship are new to this area. It's interesting, a bit difficult but really interesting! Yeah....

We're also going back and forth between our old area and our new one, because they're part of the same ward, and the mission president said that we can still work with some of our old investigators in our last area, Villa Bonita, that were progressing well. So sometimes we're in Villa Bonita, and sometimes we're here in Centro. It's something that is going to take time to get used to haha.

This last saturday and sunday we had the chance to attend a cultural event and the dedication of the Mexico Tijuana temple! On saturday, an organization of people set up a special event to show the culture of that part of Mexico, and how the church has grown in Tijuana. It was an awesome presentation, although I didn't understand the majority of it. I'm pretty sure it'll be on the church website, so you can go see it for yourselves! 

On sunday, we attended the temple dedication, well, we saw the dedication in our chapel. I can't really speak much of the actual service, but it was really nice and really cool to see a new temple being dedicated to the Lord. President Uchtdorf dedicated the temple and some people gave talks and it was really cool :)

Today was a special day for us, because we went back to Guaymas! Which is why I'm writing this email a bit later than normal! We went back to receive our visas, the first time we just went to do the paperwork and it requires a bit of time to make a new card and whatever. So this time we went to the consolate building and we signed more paper to say that everything was OK, and yeah! We ate lunch afterwards and we got back on the bus and headed back to Obregon. It was fun to see a bunch of my missionary friends again!

So that was my week! It was fun, and now we're going to see what more we can do here in our new area!

Until next week!
Elder Morrison