Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey everyone! We're through with the first week with this transfer, and things are going well for us! It was easy getting to know my companion...because I already know him haha. It's really interesting being companions with a missionary that has already been your companion before! 

This week, we've been working hard on finding more people to teach. We've been talking to tons and tons of people in order to find the "chosen" people, as we call them in the mission. People that are ready to receive the Gospel are "chosen" for us missionaries. We haven't found any "chosens", but we have found some people that have desires to learn more about the Church. We're going to see in this week how big are their desires, and we'll see if we can pull out a baptism in the month of May :)

Now, in our mission (I don't know if this exists in others), before our district meetings, we have a little English class so that the latino missionaries can learn english. Since our old english teacher left, he finished the mission, I have now been appointed English teacher! This should be fun haha, the first class I gave wasn't too bad, I have a manual and everything. It's a good learning experience in becoming a better teacher!

Along with all that, I've been showing my companion Angostura, so that he learns the area and so that he knows where all our investigators live, as well as where the members live. Since my companion finishes in 2 transfers, I think this area will be his last.

So that was our week! Pretty fun, now we'll see what we can do in this week to come!
Until next week!
Elder Morrison