Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Message to Dad

Hey dad, i'll be waiting for your letter haha

So let's see what happened this week, last sunday we had our devotional like usual. Except our mtc president is leaving so he and his wife gave a talk. Then on tuesday, we all got to hear from M Russell Ballard which was really cool.  Today, i had the chance to go see the mexico city temple. I couldn't go in because they're renovating it, so i was bummed to hear that. I did get some cool pictures of it though, and i bought some souvenirs from a little gift shop next to the temple. We still got to go inside the visitors center, that was cool.  It was nice because everything was in english hahaha. And it had really cool architecture i guess, it looked nice. 

So we have to do service every tuesday, right? Yesterday, we had to sweep all the dorms because the missionaries who lived in them left the mtc, and i found a soccer ball in one of the rooms! And a volleyball! They were really worn out, but it was still a nice find in my opinion.  

The mtc is both fun and lame at the same time, i think.  I'm still pushing forward, and that's what matters.

It's great to hear from you dad

Elder Morrison

Y por el poder del Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas
-Moroni 10:5