Thursday, January 29, 2015

From Josh

Hey dad! So i had to renew my visa or some crap like that, so i have my p day today, and most of it was spent renewing my visa. It was kinda lame, but it was fun because i got to get out of the mtc for half a day, and i ate a street taco too! It was amazing, and spicy, but amazing.  Thank you for the letters and the donuts! And the pictures! It's really nice for me to hear about the family while i'm out here. 

So I got a new mtc president! The last one finished his calling of 2 years, so we now have President Tenorio. He used to be a member of the Seventy! He gave a really good talk about the plan of salvation in general conference, you should look it up. Search for "Octaviano Tenorio" It's really good. He shared that talk with us, and he talked to us about himself, for us to get to know him better.  I'm starting to be grateful for the mtc, i've been here for 3 weeks now! I'm starting to realize how hard it's really going to be, once i leave and get into the field. I'm going to miss the mtc i'm sure of it hahaha. 

Last tuesday's devotional, a man named President Valanzuela gave a good talk about eternal marriage and other stuff. I think his calling was in the...area presidency? Is that a thing? But yeah, it's one of the few times i didn't fall asleep during the devotional, which i'm personally proud of.  I feel like my spanish is getting better, although i also feel like i don't know enough spanish and it bothers me hahaha. I just want to speak fluently like right now! It's funny because in here, our teachers talk to us really slow so we can understand them. Once we got into further mexico city to renew our visas, everybody was talking super fast! I couldn't understand them! 

Hey so get this, last friday me and my companions were walking back to our house from gym. When we were walking, i feel a raindrop on my head, right on the right temple area of my forehead. I look up, but there's no was a sunny day! I saw a bird flying away from me.....and i check aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's poop....i totally got pooped on by a was hilarious and we all laughed the rest of the way to our house, then i washed up. 

The rest of the time, i have been teaching my teachers as if they were investigators, and learning more spanish. Good stuff.

Elder Morrison

Siempre adelante, y nunca atrás