Monday, April 20, 2015

From Josh

Another week flew by! Seriously it feels like I wrote to you guys 2 or 3 days ago! I'm guessing that's a sign that I'm losing myself in the work? I hope so :)
That's really sad to hear that our ward is having health problems, like Bro. Meeks. It's sad to hear that his time could be cut short, it's really difficult to deal with that part of God's plan for us. However, learning from the plan of salvation, I've grown a strong testimony of God's plan for us. Hey dad, remember that story you told me of when you were in your mission, and you taught this one old lady about the plan of salvation, because she lost her husband and was told that she was never going to see him again? And you stood in proxy for her husband and she seemed like she was glowing? That story, I feel like Bro. Meeks should hear that, it would help him a lot I think :)
Anyways, my heart goes out to everyone in the ward, whether they be healthy or sick, and those who are sick are going to be in my prayers :)
That's really cool that you're going to be a temple worker soon! I feel proud to have a dad that works in the temple! It's so cool!
So! About my week, there's been some fun things this week. This week, an elder got really sick so we had to do splits twice this week. The first time, me and his companion Elder Perez (who has 4 weeks in the field) worked in my area, and 2 days ago the both of us worked in his area, which is called Constancia. Even though he only has been in the field for 4 weeks, he can teach very well! I was a bit surprised, and it's great to know that the MTC is good at what it does haha :P
This last thursday, we had the opportunity (Elder Zavala and I) to watch a movie about the Restoration and Joseph Smith with our investigators, it was really fun! The movie was planned to help them realize that Joseph Smith went through a lot in order to restore the church. The challenge we have with our investigators right now is that they're afraid of being rejected by their extended family, who are catholic. We're trying to give them a testimony of enduring to the end, and we're trying to help them get rid of their fear of being rejected from their family. It's a work in progress, but we're making good progress I feel like :)
This saturday, we watched Meet the Mormons with a member family that wanted to see it. The original plan was to have our entire branch watch the movie in our little church house, but that fell through. Apparently there was a huge party in Rosales that everybody planned to go to, even though we invited them before the party was even organized, it was sad. So we ended up watching meet the mormons in the member's house, it was still fun though! We're planning this activity again in May, and we're hoping for the best!
So those were some of the highlights of my week! I'm continuing to learn more and more each day, of Spanish and of the Gospel, and how to teach. Really, we never stop learning. Even my companion who's going to leave in 2 weeks now, he still learns things every day! That's really interesting to me, I still have much to go, but I feel like I have already learned a lot in these past 3 months :)
So yeah! There you go :) Tons of love!
Elder Morrison