Monday, February 23, 2015

From Dad

I'll be honest with you. We are really hoping to hear from you. I'm guessing that because you left right on you normal P-Day you were not able to get an email out to us. Whatever the reason, we hope things are going well.

I've got a ton of questions for you. I hope that's ok.

How is the mission area? Who is your new companion? Are you making progress with the language? What else is interesting with things?

I could ask many many more but I'll stop because I just want to know one question. How's it going?

Life around here is moving along fine. I think your mission has done wonders for my job. It seems like just as soon as you left I have had more opportunities and I've been able to more contributions than I ever have. It could be just luck but I choose to think that it's one of the tender mercies the Lord has given because of your sacrifice. 

I had to give an emergency lesson in priesthood this week. I was kind of worried because I gave the lesson just a few weeks ago. It's not exactly easy for me when I've got my former bishops and former members of the stake presidencies in our quorum. It's a little intimidating for me to be honest. It's ok though because I know that if I put forth the effort, there is always a great reward. This time was no different. The lesson was from Elder Perry's talk "Finding Lasting Peace and Building Eternal Families". I learned a little more about the parable of the Wheat and the Tares then I did before. The reward was it gave me a little more reason to dig a little deeper in the scriptures.

Last week we went to Vegas and took Alex with us. He ended up missing a few days of school and boy did he get behind. You know what a pain that is right? It's been good for me because I've made a little more effort to work with him. I've realized how much I need to work on my patience. What makes me feel worse is that I realize I still need so much work when my patience and all my kids are gone. This makes me wonder how impatient I may have been with all you guys. Hopefully there is forgiveness. 

Well Josh, we are hoping and praying you are going to have a great journey down there. Remember that it won't be easy but it will be worth it.

Love always,