Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter from Josh

Another week down! Some fun events too!

On saturday I went to my first zone conference, which was about 40 minutes away from where we lived, by bus. It was fun to just relax for that period of time and look at the landscape. It focused on how we need to make a plan and work with the branch in our area, in order to baptize more people, reactive the members, and invite more people to come unto Christ essentially. Something very important in the mission is to work with the members, there's even a section about it in Preach my Gospel. The members can help in many ways, like they can go visit the other inactive members and they can help invite other people to church or refer them to us. Another way they help us is when we invite them to come with us and visit inactive families, I strongly feel that when they share their testimony with ours, it really softens the hearts of the members of the family.

Later that day, we had what we call la Noche de Hogar, which is their Family Home Evening. We watched a video, called the Testaments, it's about the period of time before Christ appears to the Nephites, up until the time where Christ actually appears to them. After that, my companion and I bore our testimonies, and we had refreshments. It was a great night.  We spend most of our time trying to reactivate the local nonmembers, it's important to have a strong foundation, for example our branch, before building on top of it, or increasing the numbers of members.

Today, we didn't wash our clothes by hand, we instead asked a member if we could use their washing machine, which I'm grateful for because she let us use her washing machine. It's easy to say that this opportunity was a blessing.

Everything other than that was more tracting, contacting, and working with members. Fun stuff!

Con amor,
Elder Morrison