Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly letter from Josh

Ah thanks a ton for the info! If I need anymore info about family history, I'll ask you, you're like a master in family history!

So, what happened this week....I finished my first transfer! How awesome is that? I've been out for almost 3 months!  I'm still in my area for this transfer, however this transfer is the last for my companion, that should be fun.  Today, we went to the bus station to say goodbye to the missionaries who are going to different areas, it was a bit sad because I'm going to miss some of the missionaries that left.  It made me want to go to a different area as well hahaha. Time is starting to go by fast though, I just need to make it to Mother's day, which is coming up really soon! I'm so excited to see you guys! You should make sure that everybody is there! Well, except for maybe Maggie, Steven, Chelsea, and Brandon, it would be a bit difficult for them to make it probably. 

Anyways! So like I told mom, we got bikes! I do not like these bikes whatsoever. It's really small, and really hard to pedal. We ended up leaving them at a member's house because one of tires on one of the bikes got a leak, like the inner tube has a hole in it. Ugh, that was terrible, I'm glad it's over.

Nothing really happened this week, nothing too exciting, kinda sad. It really feels like this week just shot by.  There are a few exciting things that will happen this week though. For instance, General Conference! It's going to be my first conference in a different country! Oh man, It's going to be so weird! I don't know if I'll be able to watch it in English, I'm a little bit worried that I won't be able to watch it in English, and therefore, I won't be able to fully understand what the General Authorities are saying, I hope I can figure something out!.  

There's also this huge activity this week for the members, on Friday. It's in a place called El Fuerte and to put it simply it's just a really big party.  There's going to be games and festivities and a bunch of other things that I don't remember right now. I really hope we'll be able to attend some of it, it's going on for the entire day. We have a zone meeting though that day, maybe after we'll go to it? Probably not, which is sad. Oh well, there's work to be done I guess.

Other than that, more teaching, and learning, and walking of course.

Elder Morrison

p.s If anyone wants to send me a package, they should know that it takes around 2 months for me to recieve it.