Monday, May 25, 2015

From Dad

Happy Memorial Day! I'm sure no one down there has any idea what Memorial Day is. That's ok.

This has been a pretty normal week for us. About the only thing that is out of the ordinary is the weather. We have had a huge amount of rain this month. So much so that I have yet to turn on the sprinklers. Actually I think I turned them on maybe once or twice so far. A week or so ago we had a huge hail storm. Unfortunately it kind of shredded the trees including the fruit trees. It also looks like none of the fruit trees are going to produce any fruit this year. We had a warm snap in February and then a cold snap. When that happens the trees will put their buds out and then it kills them when it freezes. It's such a bummer. I was looking forward to taking care of them and getting lots of fruit this year. Not going to happen. Sometimes you have to put up with bad things happening. 

We went and got Ty and Jacob some suits for Ty's wedding. That was kind of fun and terribly expensive. I remember my parents buying me stuff like that and it may cost a lot but I enjoy doing it. It's great to help the kids progress. 

Jacob had a rugby tournament in Colorado this weekend. They did really well. There were 52 teams and Utah came in 4th. It was pretty exciting because we got to watch them on the internet.  This has been a long year of rugby and it's been great but I'm sure everyone including all the players are really glad it's over.   

Well, this is supposed to be the beginning of summer and it's still slightly chilly outside. The coming of summer is always the time when I think about the seasons changing and life changing. It's the time when the yard comes out of hibernation and has to be taken care of. I like it though because I get to ride the lawn mower again. haha. 

So how are things going with you? Are you still liking your new area? How's the language coming along? Also, did you say you were going to talk to your mission president? 

Take care Josh. Don't forget we love you and are praying everyday for your success in every facet of your mission. In fact, I'll tell you this. It's a lot easier to have more meaningful prayers because I'm praying for you. That's a huge blessing for me.

Love Dad