Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly letter from Josh

Hahaha no they don't celebrate memorial day here, i'm pretty sure that's an american holiday, no? I didn't even realize that it was memorial day today until you guys told me. 

Ah my beloved companion Elder Flores, he's awesome! He's super nice, friendly, and he's a really good missionary. And get this! He knows english!!! Almost fluently, he told me he wants to talk to me in english whenever we're in the house. How lucky is that, to have a companion that I can communicate to 100%. He's from a place called Merida, which is right by Cancún, so you probably know where that is now. He was actually born in Mexico City, but he grew up for most of his life in Merida, Yucatan. He's been in the mission field for 9 months. When he returns, he wants to study Bio Medicine or something medical. He's thinking about coming to the United States to study, but he's still thinking. So yeah, that's my companion. He's tall too, he's as tall as I am!

This week was....interesting for us. Interesting because our numbers, the numbers of lessons we had, the people we had contacted, those sorts of things, were low. We tried to talk to a ton of people, but almost nobody answered their doors. That unmotivated me a ton, and annoyed me a bit too. One day, I was really irritated because of that, and my companion pulled me aside and talked to me to lift my spirits. He told me that, that sort of thing is going to happen, a lot in the mission, and you just have to keep pushing forward. He's a really good friend, honestly.

That same day, at around 7ish, we contacted a couple outside of their house. Before we arrived, like a long time ago, other missionaries came and taught them. They taught this couple the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, everything. They even went to church! The reason they stopped going is because of the job that the husband had. They told us that it's possible that they could be baptized. What?????? My companion and I were amazed! We could have two baptisms really soon, it's very likely! So that day, was one interesting day.

So, let me tell you about our investigators. First, Anahi and Alma, Alma is the mother of Anahi. Alma is around 45, and Anahi is 21 and has a daughter, a toddler. We met them the day I arrived in the area. The first few times we taught them, they were going off on how Anahi's husband is lousy, and generally a bad person. The funny thing is that her husband is the one who told us about Anahi and Alma. After we visited them, inviting them to pray and to read the Book of Mormon, we saw a huge change in their character. We visit them now, and they're just so calm. They've noticed it too, and I feel like they're really close to being baptized. With enough work and helping them, they could be baptized next month.

Then there's Ramón, he's 18 and lives just 4 houses down. He's the son of two active members, there's a little brother too, and he's active. Before, he never really wanted to listen to the missionaries, but he agreed to listen to us. He's progressing.....pretty well I think. He came to church yesterday, that's a really good sign. We have a goal for his baptism next month as well. He accepts what we teach, and he's keeping his commitments, like praying and reading the scriptures. We're going to see him tonight, so yeah. 

And we have Roberto, and his family. His wife, Teresa, doesn't really want to listen to us, but we did talk to her recently, that's good. Roberto is really interested in the gospel and he's progressing very well. Unfortunately he couldn't come to church because of work, he did come the last Sunday though. Every time we have taught him, he pays close attention to us. For example, he keeps eye contact with us, unless his daughter comes and bothers him hahaha. He's a really good man, and I'm fairly sure he's going to be baptized soon :P

Oh man, this last wednesday, I had to go to a meeting that started from 8 a.mand it ended at 8 p.m. That was fantastic. You're probably wondering what missionaries would do for 12 hours. That's an excellent question. There was a lot of talks from missionaries, about how we could improve, and others taught doctrine and things like that. There was 2 zones there, so there was quite a few missionaries there, like 50ish if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, we practiced teaching lessons as well, a lot. At 2 we ate lunch, thankfully. We had a couple activites too. One activity was really fun. It was like an obstacle course, according to the Vision of the Tree of Life, Lehi's dream. We were blindfolded and we had to hold onto a rope until we arrived to a tree, 'the tree of life'. However, there was a lot of people shouting, trying to make us let go of the rope (the iron rod), and people trying to grab our arms and trying to lead us away. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the tree of life. I was sad. Not really, it was fun! I learned quite a bit of things in that 12 hour long meeting.

As for my personal well-being, I'm great, honestly. I'm excited for these next few weeks, and I have an awesome companion, and there's work to do in Bella Vista, my area. I'm improving as a teacher, and my spanish is going very well. The mission president even said so! I was talking to him today, and he told me that my spanish was really good! That made me feel good haha.

So I guess that's all for now, until next week! Love you guys!
Elder Morrison