Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey another week of July finished! (with pictures!)

Hey another week of July finished! 2 more and we'll be done with July, time really is flying down here in hot Mexico. The heat is continuing to rise and I'm going to get the full blast pretty soon in August. Right now, I'm preparing myself by drinking tons of water haha.

Some good things happened this week, and some...not so good things happened as well. First thing that happened was good. I had the fun chance to go play football (soccer) with some other missionaries and some members, it was really fun! Mexicans sure love their soccer haha. It was extra fun getting fried under the Sonora sun, but it was worth it!

This last tuesday, I ate something that's called Ceviche, it's seafood with vegetables all in a tomato sauce. It's good, but we've been warned that it could make us sick. We ate ceviche with a member, there was 8 of us missionaries and we ate with the members that served us ceviche. Everybody else was fine, but not me. The next day I got sick, I also managed to get dehydrated. I felt so terrible. I had a fever of 104.1 and I had 0 energy and I looked terrible. So, I went to the hospital! Fun! They stuck a needle in me and injected me with something called Suero, which was a liquid that rehydrated me. This happened at like 8:00 at night and we got home at around 11:30. It was an amazing experience as you can tell. Lesson learned, drink water!!!!!

Something else worth mentioning this week was that I ate some amazing shrimp! 

I don't know why I find it amazing, but yeah. We ate with other members that are super amazing! They help us a ton in the missionary work, they give us rides to wherever we need to go and they join us in lessons as well. I love shrimp! I've been eating a lot of food that I've either never tried before or never heard of, that's something that I'm loving about the mission!

As for my investigators, they're coming along great. Some investigators that are really progressing well are Chuyita and Monica, they're so great! They're super friendly, they love going to church and they read the Book of Mormon every day and they're able to see the effects of the Gospel in their lives. I'm so certain that they're going to get baptized in a couple weeks, I know it! We actually tried to help them this last saturday with their tire. They have a truck with a flat tire and it really doesn't want to move. We tried with all our heart, might, mind and strength to change it, but the bolts didn't want to move at all. Oh well, we're going to figure something else.

We have other investigators, but we barely met them and we're still getting to know them. Fun thing! With our recent convert Ramón, we've taken him in as our "trainee", he's been accompanying us this week, to help him prepare himself for when he goes on his mission. It's like a mini-training. It's awesome!

There's some fun events upcoming this week, I don't really remember what they are, but I'll find out and tell you later!

Here's to another week!
Elder Morrison

I look like crap in one of these pictures because I was still recovering from getting dehydrated last wednesday :P