Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Letter - Ramon gets baptized

Hey! Another week gone by super fast and in this next week, I'm going to complete 6 months in the mission! That's crazy! Time's going by so fast! It's really interesting because I feel like I haven't learned that much, but when I begin to teach and in the way I act, I really have learned a lot. It's interesting, I don't know how to explain it hahaha.

So this last saturday we had two baptisms! One of our investigators, Ramon, and an investigator of some sister missionaries, Perla. Ramon is 18 and Perla is....21 or 22. The baptism service was great! A lot of people came! Many missionaries, including my previous companion, came as well to support two new members of the church.

What's really amazing about our investigator, now recent convert, Ramon is that he wants to go on a mission! He was mentioning it to his mom and he mentions it to us some times, so we might bring him along on a few visits to 'train' him or something. It'll be tons of fun!

Also, this week 2 young men from this area left on their missions today! They were set apart last night and a lot of people came to that...event? Yeah. One young man is from our ward and the other man is from another ward called Tetabiate. They're both going to Veracruz, which is south-west from where I am. It was really nice to see them get set apart and support them in their decision to serve the Lord, just like I'm doing right now.

Today was super fun, first we went to go to the hospital. My companion is sick. He has some sort of infection in his stomach and it's been giving him problems for the majority of his mission, he's been in the field for about a year, and we decided today to check it out. He's gone previously, but the doctors didn't diagnose him with anything. This doctor that we went to gave him some prescriptions to help him deal with this stomach problem and next week we're going to return and do some tests with him to figure out why he has this problem. It sounds serious, but he's fine, he just has to go to the bathroom a lot.....too many times actually. He's already been given 2 or 3 blessings to help him improve in the past.

So that all happened this week, and here we are, just moving along, teaching and bringing people back to the fold of our Lord and Savior. Fun stuff!

Here's to another week!
With love,
Elder Morrison

P.S - They don't celebrate 4th of July here, go figure

P.S.S - Mom, I got your package. Thanks a ton!!!!!