Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2nd weekly letter

Hey here's the letter that I promised to give to you! I'm sorry it's a bit late, being a missionary leaves little time for me to do things that I want to do, like writing letters to my loved ones. I wasn't able to get on and write a letter until3:30, and even then I only have 30 minutes because we have an appointment at 4:00

So! This will be quick! This past week, it rained! And since us missionaries are persistent, and resistent, we dealt with it and continued to work through the rain. Honestly it felt nice, until it stopped. Then, it gets so so SO humid, like Washington D.C humid in the summer. It's supposed to rain this week again, so I'm really really excited. One nice thing about the rain, is well, the clouds. There has been some really really cool cloud...I don't know, formations? Here, and it's been really cool to look up in the sky and just see massive clouds all over. It's different than always being surrounded by mountains like in Utah.

Ah! So the story behind our baptism! So this guy Ramón, well young man, he's 18, has changed so much in this past month. When we first started teaching him, I was with my last companion Elder Flores. At first, he was cool, he read the Book of Mormon, he read the pamphlets we gave him, everything was fine. Then after a few weeks, after being with some..not so good friends...he changed for the worse. He acted differently, and he didn't pay attention and he wasn't doing any of the commitments that we gave him. He then went to another place somewhere else in Mexico, nearby, but that meant we couldn't teach him anymore. So, we reluctantly said goodbye and he left. We didn't see him until last week, last Friday when we ate with that family. We came in, and there was Ramón, sitting at the table, eating. We said hey, and he then told us, "Hey, I want to get baptized!" We were astonished!! The last time we saw him, he was acting as if he didn't want anything from the Church! We taught him the Word of Wisdom, because of reasons, and he was totally different! He was completely attentive, he would add comments, like he agreed with what we were saying or that what we were saying was for his benefit. He changed so much, and since we taught him in the past, and since he has been to Church enough times, we're able to baptize him this Saturday. And of course he accepted the baptismal date for this Saturday! We're still teaching him, we have a few things left to teach him, it really is amazing to see someone change like that! I honestly don't know what happened with his time away, what he did over there in Huatabampo (where he went), but now he's like the perfect investigator. 

Also, there's an activity for Father's day tonight that we're going to, so that should be fun. This saturday, we have an activity with the youth, where they're going to accompany us on some appointments, so that they can see what missionary work is like. 

One more thing, we're going to receive plenty of new missionaries this next transfer, so it's most likely that I'm going to train a new missionary! WOAH! Crazy, I know. We'll see what happens :)

Until next week! Love you!
Elder Morrison