Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly letter from Josh

Hey family!!! I have some good news for you! I'm feeling a lot better, I don't have Dengue or anything, I might have eaten something bad when I was in my last area, Rosales. Which is really possible because it was a little village type deal where they don't have the cleanest living areas. I talked with the mission president's wife, who helps us with health issues, and with doctors, and I might have parasites from food that I have eaten in the past. I'm improving, i'm recuperating from my sickness. Today I'm going to take some pills to kill whatever parasites and any bad stuff that I might have in my stomach.
Anyways, more good news! This last saturday, we had baptisms! We baptized our two investigators, Alma and Anahy. The baptism was very nice, everything went smoothly, for the most part, there's a really interesting story what happened a couple hours before the baptism.
First, we had a meeting in the morning with a general authority from the Seventy, Elder Benjamin de Hoyos, I think that's how you write his name. That meeting was very very nice, we learned a ton, and a key point we learned was that if an investigator has been taught everything, reads the book of mormon, does everything they should do, and still doesn't want to be's because they don't have much knowledge or a testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Okay, remember that.
So! We go to their house at around 4 to check and see that everything is right, the baptismal clothing fits and other things. We knock on the door and we talk with them for a bit. Anahy tells us that she doesn't want to be baptized, she doesn't feel ready. My companion and I were surprised, oh snap! What are we going to do?? Then! We remembered what Elder Benjamin de Hoyos told us in the morning. So, we shared a message with them about the atonement, and after that she agreed to be baptized and everything was perfect. After we left, my companion and I were in awe. What Elder Benjamin de Hoyos said was true!!!! This church is true!!! It's all true!!! It was an amazing story and I'm so grateful for what I learned that day. I really wish I could send pictures of the baptism but I still don't have a means of doing so.
What else? Ah! Another transfer completed! Today I go to the bus station to say goodbye to my companion. For the next 6 weeks I'm staying in my area with an Elder Yat Caal, from Guatemala. He's really short and a bunch of missionaries have told me that he's a very good missionary, and that I'm going to have a good transfer with him. So that's nice haha. I don't think he speaks english, but that's fine, I know enough spanish to get around. Speaking of which, my spanish is going very well. I know enough to understand about 80 or 90% of what the people say. I get a lot of compliments as well about my ability to speak the language from the locals.
So yeah, that was some of the highlights of this week. I am feeling a lot better, I'm not sick, don't worry about me. My symptoms that I had before are all gone, I don't have any red spots anymore and my headache is gone. I haven't received any packages yet, I should recieve them in the beginning of July, that's when we only receive packages from families, in zone conferences.
Here's to another 6 weeks! Love you tons! Thank you for your prayers and your support!
Elder Morrison