Monday, June 15, 2015

Josh answers a question about the Atonement

About the atonement? Well, let me tell ya.

For me, I feel like we all each have our own little personal atonement. Not that we bleed out from every pore, or we get crucified, but we each have our own trials and problems that give us tons of pain and make us so sad, that sort of thing. And thanks to what Christ did in the garden, because he literally poured out his soul, bled from every pore, he made it possible for us to be clean from sin. Yeah we can be freed from the chains of sin, but what I like a lot from the atonement is that Christ suffered all our sadness and sorrow as well, and I have felt the power of both of those things with my experience here in the mission. I have felt lifted from my sins, and I know without a doubt that He has taken away the feelings of sorrow, as well as embarassment from me, due to the Atonement.

I like the scriptures Alma 7, 11 to 13, which describes what Christ suffered in the Atonement. Very simple, yet powerful.

Yeah, this experience has taught me so much, and I´m so thankful for it, even though this was a bit difficult, but now I´m enjoying myself. I can say that I´m truly happy now, and that I´m cleansed from my sins

Elder Morrison