Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly letter from Josh

Hey family! Another week gone by in the mission, and a few interesting things have happened this week.

First, it´s hot here, above the 100´s every day, although today it´s cloudy. As Mom mentioned in her email there was a storm nearby the mission, i haven´t seen any rain yet, although it´s really nice to have a cloudy day for once. Haha even though it´s cloudy, we´re in the 90s I think. Don´t worry, I´m drinking tons and tons of water to stay alive haha.

This week was a bit discouraging for us, we didn´t have many lessons and we couldn´t visit with many of our investigators, they either didn´t have time or they weren´t home whenever we knocked on their doors. We were able to visit and teach two investigators, the ones that are progressing the most right now, Alma and Anahi. We taught them more about Baptism and Receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. I´m so positive that they´re going to be baptized this June 20th. Alma is doing everything she needs to be doing in order to gain a testimony of the church, and Anahi is...almost there. She doesn´t read the Book of Mormon, which is actually the most important thing you need to do in order to get a testimony of anything related to the Church. We committed her to reading the scriptures and she accepted the commitment. She´s progressing well, we just need to pray a little bit harder for her.

This week there was some drama in our district, concerning the obedience of certain missionaries. My companion, who is the district leader, who supervises over all the missionaries, had to lay down the law and contact the mission president. I think it was yesterday that one missionary called us and chewed out my companion because the missionary had some restrictions placed on him, it was a little bit intense. Thankfully he calmed down after a while and he called us back later and apologized. It´s all good now.

This week we´re going to watch Meet the Mormons! Again! This Tuesday in our chapel we´re going to present the movie on a screen and we invited a ton of people and it´s going to be a ton of fun! We´re hoping that we´ll meet more people to teach.

We also met this one lady, and she´s the definition of ´chosen to receive the Gospel´. She knows about the church, because her grandpa was a member and her cousin served in Utah! She told us she has a ton of memories of her grandpa and whenever she sees missionaries, she remembers her grandpa. At that moment she started to tear up, while we were shouting with joy on the inside. This week we´re going to visit with her and I sincerely hope that we´ll baptize her! Her name´s Leticia by the way

So that was my week, here´s to another one! 

Elder Morrison