Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly letter from Josh

Hey family! Another week gone by, and this transfer is almost done! It´s almost been 6 weeks since I saw you guys! How weird is that? This week was a bit interesting, in both good ways and bad ways.

One side note, I finished my journal! This saturday filled the last entry in the little tan journal that Laijun gave me, I thought that was worthy of sharing to you guys.

Anyways! This week, was hot, almost hot enough to cook an egg on the street hahaha. It´ll get hot enough to do that in August, and then I´ll send you guys a picture or a video, I´ll figure out a way, it´s going to be great!

This tuesday we saw Meet the Mormons as a ward activity, that was fun! We planned for it to start at 7, but it actually started at around 8 due to technical difficulties with the sound, and people were coming late as well. However, I did enjoy seeing the movie again, for the......4th or 5th time I think hahaha.

Mom told me that she recieved the pictures from the member of the crickets! Yes! I ate some crickets with her and her husband, and another family. They were actually not that bad! They tasted like....protein. I can´t really describe their flavor, it´s distinct. That was a lot of fun, those members are just so great, they help the missionaries all the time.

Now, I have some unfortunate news. I´m sick. This past Thursday or Friday, I started to feel bad, I got a headache and I had no energy. I also got a lot of red dots all over my feet and a bit on my legs. So...on saturday, we went to the hospital to figure out what I might have. They drew some of my blood and ran some tests, and it could be something called Dengue or Riquetzia, both of which are not good things. I don´t really know what they are, I know they´re not fatal or anything, it´s just I´ll need to rest for a while. I´ve been resting these past few days, because if I walk out in the sun in my condition, that´ll make things a lot worse.

Today, we went to a different hospital to do the same thing, to see if they can figure out what I have, they drew blood again and now we´re waiting for them to send us the results.

So yeah, that´s my situation right now. Don´t worry I´m still alive and fighting, it´s really interesting actually. I feel fine, but my body isn´t doing very well, I don´t really realize it, if that makes sense.

Tons of love!
Elder Morrison