Monday, June 29, 2015

Letter from Josh

So, today was a fun day. My companion had to go to a place called Guaymas, which is like an hour and a half away. He had to go there to renew his visa, so I had to tag along with my zone leaders for most of today, leaving me with little time to write to you. 

However! Don't worry, I get makeup time tomorrow, where I'll have more time to write you my awesome experiences this week!

So...just a quick summary! It rained this week! Not much, but it sucks because it gets really humid afterwards. It's supposed to rain some more this week, and I'm not excited at all :(

Also! We're going to have another baptism this saturday! It was a bit of a surprise, and the story is great and I'll explain it tomorrow! His name is Ramón and his mom and his stepdad, and stepbrother are members. They live like 4 houses down from us. His family, the mom and his stepdad, and his stepbrother, are fully active. He's great. More to come tomorrow!

I'm feeling better! Concerning my sickness, it's been a constant 103 degrees over here, so that's nice.

Love you! And i promise there'll be a longer letter tomorrow!
Elder Morrison