Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Letter: New Investigators!

This week, some cool things happened. We found two new people that we strongly believe are chosen to recieve the gospel! Their names are Chuyita and Monica. Chuyita is the mom and Monica is her 18 year old daughter. Chuyita has had some problems in the past that she was still dealing with when we met her. We invited her to an activity in the ward and that same night, all her problems were resolved! She had a house in another state in Mexico and she was having money problems with that house, that got fixed. She didn't have a job before, and during the activity she recieved a call and the person that called her asked her if she wanted a job! Don't tell me that's a coincedence! Church is true everybody, let's face it!

Also there was another activity this week, in another ward, we visited less active people there in that ward and a member accompanied us, it was fun! It was really interesting to visit with these people and understand why they stopped coming to church, and how we could help them.

Today was a ton of fun! We first had to do some yard work outside of our house. It looked like a forest in our patio! We recieved some compaints from the local neighbors and also the owner of the house (we pay rent), so today we decided to weed the entire front....yard thing. It wasn't too bad, it was hot and we sweated a lot, but we got it done :) now it looks nice...nicer than before I guess haha.

Not much happened this week, just working and enduring the heat. Pure 100 degrees and above, with a chance of rain this Thursday, not excited for that at all.

So yeah! Love you tons and I pray for you :)
Elder Morrison