Monday, July 27, 2015

A great week! Sort of.

hey! another week in this transfer, one more left! this week was a little bit interesting for a reason. tuesday with our district meeting was fun, everything was normal. district meeting, then we went back to work for the day.

Wednesday is when it happened. i got dehydrated again, my head hurt like crazy and my stomach was hurting a lot as well. I tried to work for most of the day that day, but at around 7 i couldn't focus and then I decided to tell my companion that maybe I should call it a day. The whole day he was asking me if i was okay, I tried to keep pushing forward, but sometimes you have to call it quits in order to preserve your health, for lack of simpler words.

So what happened these past couple of days was pure resting, I stayed in the house for thursdayfriday, and saturdayOn thursday, a member stayed with me for most of the day as my companion worked with another member. On friday I stayed at a member's house for the entire day, that was great.  On saturday, another elder from a trio companionship came and we did divisions between us 3 and another member. He stayed with me in the morning, then after lunch we changed and the member stayed with me, up until 5, then we all went to help clean the chapel.

On sunday, it was interesting. I went to church, and we had meetings the entire day. After lunch, we went to the chapel for a meeting with all the district leaders, then after that ended we went to a meeting with the ward leaders and after that we went home, so I wasn't under the sun for too much on sunday

this week I wasn't able to work much, and that made me sad a little bit, but now I'm feeling better and I'm ready to get back to work this coming week. Yay! i'm now starting to realize that I need water a LOT.

Also, this week I said goodbye to some elders and a sister missionary that are leaving after this week. They've finally finished their missions and they're going home.

That's everything for this week, nothing too exciting I guess, I hope I have something great next week!

Love you!
Elder Morrison

Oh! I forgot about today! Today my companion had to go to Guaymas again, so I stayed here with another elder, whose companion also went to guaymas.

We didn't do much, we studied for a little bit, we ate some pizza and watched some church movies until our companions came back. i was studying and I saw some glasses of the elder's companion, I decided to try them on and study with them. it was weird, as I wore them everything was fine, and I take them off....and everything's blurry for like 3 seconds. It was like my eyes got used to the glasses then they had to get used to normal vision, I thought it was cool.

also! I recieved personal revelation this week, concerning my journal. I now "write" in my journal by taking videos of myself, where i say what happened that day. It's so much easier than writing in an actual journal!!!

just thought it was something worth sharing, have a good week! Until next monday!

Elder Morrison