Monday, August 3, 2015

Coming up on 7 months!

Last week of this transfer! And here's to another one! This friday I'm going to complete 7 months in the mission! Time is really flying by, which is great I guess haha.

Not much happened this week, we just worked, luckily I didn't get sick again, I've been drinking tons and tons of water! I've been sweating most of that water, so it's all good haha.

We actually went to the hospital a couple of times this week, because of the problems that my companion has in his stomach. We first went and they couldn't do tests on him because the doctor was busy, he was operating on someone at that time, so we decided to come back the next day. The next day, they x-rayed him to see what he had. The results showed up with nothing, but he did other tests and thoses tests will tell if he has something wrong.

We also had a meeting on wednesday with the mission president and his wife, with other district leaders. The mission president talked to us, the mission president's wife as well, and the president's assistants spoke to us also. It wasn't too bad, I learned a few things that I didn't know before. 

After that meeting we talked to the mission president, and his wife, about how we didn't have chairs in our house and they told us that there was two chairs waiting for us in the mission home. So, the mission president (Hermana Munive) took us to the mission home, we picked up the chairs, and she took us back to our area. So, now we have chairs! I'm so happy!

This saturday there was a baptism of a little girl in the ward, it was really nice. Her older brother, who is like 16 or 17 but looks 19 baptized her, it was cool. There was some problems with the bautismal font. First of all, nobody came and filled it before the baptism, so the sister missionaries came and saw that, and they started the water. Then, another problem was that the water was draining out all the water that was coming in. So we had to figure out how to shut off the drain so the font could fill up. We eventually got everything to work and we were able to have the baptism. All good here in Ciudad Obregon.

This sunday was a bit different. After the church service in our ward, some sister missionaries of a different ward came to my companion and they asked him to write in their journals. We sat in the sacrament hall as he wrote in their journals. And one thing led to another, we ended up attending the sacrament meeting of their ward! We went to two sacrament meetings! It's not a bad thing right? We actually bore our testimonies in their sacrament meeting it was awesome haha.

Ah! So it turns out I'm staying in the same area for another transfer! My companion, Elder Yat Caal, although only being here for one transfer, left for another area today. And I got a new companion, Elder Coello. He's from Ecuador and he's only been out here for like 2 months longer than I have. He's really cool, I knew him a bit before this transfer, and well, I guess I'm going to know him a lot better. I feel like we're going to get along great and we're gonna do work!

So that's what happened this week, it was fun as you can see :)

Here's to another week! Until next monday!
Elder Morrison