Monday, August 31, 2015

happy birthday to me! Tomorrow!

Hey everybody! We finally finished the last week of August and now we're in September! I can't think of a better way to start off September than with my birthday! Since it's tomorrow, me and my companion are going to chow down on some pie and donuts (pics next week)

This week, was.....actually really hard for us. A lot of appointments were falling through, and people didn't want to talk to us either. Also, people were giving us false addresses to their homes. That annoyed me a lot, if you don't want to listen to us...just say no man. Oh well, gotta keep going forward. Luckily, the emails I get from you guys are awesome, it helps a lot. Thanks!

We've been visiting with some cool people, we were able to visit with our investigator Javier. He came to church with us again, we were really happy. We started talking to another investigator as well this week, he's somewhat new, his name's Wilbert. Wilbert's a cool guy, he knows some missionaries that served here like 2 years ago, and sadly he lost contact with them ever since. Luckily we came around and now we're teaching him. We're going to see where this goes, we have high hopes!
So, today we had the opportunity to lend a hand (or 4) to our neighbor member friend, Bro. Manzo. He needed some help painting the inside of his house and he asked us to help. We of course accepted the invitation. We painted a good portion of the walls, but we ran out of paint before painting the entire interior. I think we're going to help him again in the future, once he buys more paint.

We (by we I mean my companion) helped out another member by cleaning some computer systems so that she could put up a cyber center. Simple, but it helped a lot. She gave us some good food afterwards! Always worth serving others!

Great news! These next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. Next sunday is stake conference here, I have no idea what's going to happen. Then the following sunday is the rededication of the Mexico City temple! We're able to watch the broadcast and I'm actually excited for it! 

That's really it for this week, nothing too special. I hope that this week will be a lot better than the last.

Until next week!
Elder Morrison

With the photo of the mango with the face, a member gave us mangos and it looked like they had little noses, so we drew faces on them! It was really funny haha!

I need new shoes :P