Monday, August 24, 2015

We came, we saw, we BAPTIZED!

Hey everybody! Another week done in August, almost done in this heat! Just another month, and it'll start going down, according to the locals :D

This week was a great one, nothing really special for half of the week, just working. We did find some new people these past couple of days. 

One guy we met, whose name is Javier, is an interesting man. He's from Guatemala and he moved here to live better pretty much. He's sketchy looking, I'll admit, but he's actually really friendly and he's a good guy. He works a lot in the afternoon, so we visit him in the midday, at like 11. He did come to church with usthis sunday, we're really happy about that haha. We're going to visit him some more this week and see how he progresses. 

Unfortunately, our other investigators didn't come to church, so we're going to visit them and yell at them...naw just kidding, we still love them. 

We had a surprise zone conference this last friday, where our mission president talked to us about the second coming and how we should be prepared and how we need to help everyone else be prepared. And his wife talked to us about who we should apply the gospel in our lives as much as we teach other people to apply it to theirs. So....yeah it was a bit interesting.

This saturday we had BAPTISMS!!!! WOO!!!! Our two amazing investigators, Chuyita and Monica, got baptized! As well as two other women from another ward! It was an awesome experience for them, and for me as well! Mainly because they wanted me to baptize them! I'm really grateful for that, and the fact that I didn't mess up the prayer in the middle of the ordinance haha. birthday is in a week! I'm going to be 19! That's really weird because I haven't been paying attention to my birthday as much as I have in the past, it feels a bit odd to be 19, in a week. Just another year I guess :P

That's it for this week, some fun things happening, and it's still hot, although it rained a couple times this week.

Here's to another week! Bye!

So there's this window in our house that leads to another room that we have no access to, there's iron bars guarding the inside. I was able to pull out a pillow and a blanket, and the blanket has pink horses on it. Sweet, I'm going to wash it and use it!