Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly update from ItsReallyHotHere, Sonora, Mexico

Hey! Another week done, first week of this transfer! It was a good week with my new companion Elder Coello from Ecuador! It was an interesting week!

First off, it rained! Like twice! The first time it rained we were walking towards our lunch appointment with a member and it was really cloudy, and we were hearing thunder off in the distance. Then it started to drizzle a little bit, it started picking up gradually. My companion then tells me that he 'sees' the rain coming towards us like a wall right in front of us. I'm looking everywhere and I don't see anything. I then ask him, what rain? I don't see anything! And I kid you not, exactly right after I said that....BOOM!!! It started pouring!!! The cold rain started to pound us and in a matter of seconds we were soaked! The sad part was that we were still far away from our lunch appointment! So, we decided to tough it out and continue walking like MEN! We were soaking wet, our shoes were heavy from filling up with water. We finally get to the member's house and we were able to dry off there for the most part, we took off our shoes and socks so that they could dry while we were eating. I attached some pictures of us after we arrived at the member's house and some pictures after the rain stopped.

So yeah, that happened!

Another cool thing that happened was a stake activity on saturday! This saturday there was an activity that all the youth in the stake here participated in. It was like a mini-MTC type activity. What happened was we first had a little devotional in our chapel, then they assigned a little group of youth to join us as we went and worked in the field, visiting people. The church leaders gave us a list of less actives for us to visit, and we were able to visit our investigators as well. We went out and did that for about 2 hours, then we returned to the chapel to eat lunch and share experiences, then we went out and did it again for a couple hours, then returned again and we finished the activity with some testimonies shared by some youth, and some missionaries, and some messages shared by church leaders. It was a fun experience, the youth here are really cool, and really encouraged to go on a mission! 

We did have a zone conference this friday, it was fun, it was in a different chapel this time. It went normal, there was messages shared about how we should retain our faith even though sometimes we don't meet our goals, our we don't have us much success as we hoped. Another one was how we need to show our love for the Savior by working hard always. I enjoyed the messages and seeing my other missionary friends. 

There's a lot of new faces here in the mission, almost every missionary that I talk to is training a new missionary. Today I met a missionary that recently got to the field that's actually from Highland! He went to Lone Peak, the high school that I went to! His name is Elder Loveland, and it was really cool to see someone from my hometown!

Today was a fun day, we first studied in the morning, then we dropped off our clothes with a member that washes our clothes for us, then we went to the mission offices to get a package that was just waiting for me! We get to the office and I ask for my package and I get it! I was so happy haha. After that, we went to what's called El Centro, which is a place with a TON of stores, each store selling something different. It's huge and it's awesome. We went there afterwards to go shopping! There in Centro, we visited some stores to buy some ties, an idea from my companion haha. I ended buying 9 ties, all costing about $25, or 400 pesos, which is actually really good. One of the ties that I bought was 3 pesos, that really surprised my companion and I!

So yeah, those are some of the things that happened this week, and for my spanish friends: Lo siento por escribirles en inglés y espero que puedan traducir esta carta en español, si no, pues digame y voy a escribir la carta en español, o la mayoría de la carta :P

Adios! Bye! Love you all! Les amo!

Elder Morrison