Monday, September 7, 2015

8 months down, only 16 months to go!

Hey everybody! Another week gone by in the mission, and today marks 8 months in the mission! It feels just like I hit 7 months like a week ago!

This week was a bit more special than the rest, mainly because I'm now 19 years old! I got some birthday wishes from other missionaries in my district, and the mission president, President Munive, actually sang to me as well! It was a couple days after, and I get a call from President Munive and his wife, and they sang happy birthday to me. It was so amazing, I couldn't help but smile! My companion and I ate some cheesecake and we went and did our missionary duties, because there's not much else that we can do as missionaries haha!

This last week was a bit more prosperous than the last, we were able to find quite a few more investigators, so we're happy! We're going to see how well they progress and we'll see if we can baptize some of them, if not, all of them!

We had the opportunity to do companion exchanges this week, it was fun! I spent the day in my area with Elder Yoo, and elder from California, while my companion went to Elder Yoo's area with his companion, Elder Buchanan. It was really cool teaching with him and working in my area with Elder Yoo.

FUN FACT! This Elder Yoo is actually from the same hometown I grew up in, Santa Clarita! He actually lived pretty close to where I used to live! We even assisted church in the same building, just at different hours. Also, there was a bit of time difference, by the time I left, he had just recently moved in. Either way, how cool is that?!

So, that's pretty much it for this week, we have some fun things planned for this upcoming week, I'm excited! 

Until next monday!
Elder Morrison