Monday, September 21, 2015

I left, then I came back and bought some shoes.....

Hey everyone! This week was very interesting for me, due to some minor changes in my missionary life,

First of all, I'm not in Etchojoa anymore, I'm in Obregon....again. What happened was that an Elder here in Obregon got very sick, sick enough that he had to get sent home. So, they sent me to fill his place, in an area called Pioneros. So I left Etchojoa and I returned to Obregon. I'm now in my new new area, Pioneros B. We share this area with another companionship, my good friends that came with me from the MTC, Elder Steele and Elder Juarez. We were in the MTC at the same time, so that's pretty neat.

This past week, while I was in Etchojoa, we mainly just street contacted the entire time because we didn't have any investigators pretty much. Then, I received a call from the AP's (Assistentes) and they tell me that I'm going to Obregon, due to special transfers. I arrived to Obregon, and I waited in the bus station for the AP's and other elders to pick me up and take me to our area. I got settled in, and we went to work a little bit, because I arrived this Saturday.

This sunday, I presented myself to the ward, I said who I was and I bore a little testimony. I never got to see how the branch was in Etchojoa, but the ward in Pioneros is very nice, the members are friendly, and the area is nice. Although, it's going to be a bit difficult.

Here's the situation, my companion is new, he only has 7 weeks in the mission, and since his former trainer was sick most of the time, they don't have anyone to teach, they don't have investigators nor referrals....nothing. Okay then, so it's going to be an interesting transfer, but if we work hard enough we'll get through. I've never trained before, nor been in an area like this. It's going to be a great learning experience! Woo!

Also, today I bought shoes! My shoes were too worn out to use, so I had no other choice, I went to the store and bought a new pair of shoes. Let's see how long they last :)

So, that's what's going on over here in Obregon. Time really is flying by, I can't believe that we're halfway through September! I'm also looking forward to General Conference in a few weeks! I wonder if I'll be able to watch it in English or if I'll watch it in Spanish. Either way, I feel that I'll be able to get the general message :)

Until next week!
Elder Morrison