Monday, September 28, 2015

Finishing september and going to the gym

Well, september's almost over! It seems that the mission is going by faster and faster, I can't believe that we're going into October! I wonder what I'll do for Halloween! :P

So! This week was a fun week, some good things happened and we're seeing some progress here in Obregon. 

On tuesday, we had our district meeting as usual. This time our zone leaders joined us and they told us there that they want to do companion exchanges with us on friday, alrighty then! After that we planned for the week and everything was normal. Later that day, we went to the chapel again because my companion is teaching the youth how to speak in public without fear and he's also preparing them to act in a little play of a story from the Book of Mormon. It's going to be a lot of fun! We're going to see what we can do in these couple of weeks with this activity.

The next couple of days was just work, up until friday, where we did companion exchanges with the zone leaders. I left my area to go with one zone leader to his own area, and the other leader went with my companion to our own area. It was really fun, it was cool to see another area of the mission and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with another missionary like our zone leader. He's really cool and relaxed, and he likes to work. 

We ended the companion exchanges the next day, Saturday, by going to the chapel to meet up with the rest of the district to do tours! We handed out pamphlets (or rather we offered them pamphlets) and we invited people to take a tour of the inside of our chapel. We were able to show quite a few people the church, and it was fun! 

Updates with the work, we have an investigator! Her name is Angelica and she's a very nice woman, she has catholic beliefs, but she doesn't currently go to any church. She seems really interested in the gospel, she asks a lot of questions (which is really good!) and she did come to church with us this sunday, although she had to leave early to pick up her daughter from Hermosillo. This week we have planned appointments with other people, and we're going to see what we can pull off. Wish us luck! 

These past couple of day, we've been offered to go work out in a home gym that a member has in his house, naturally we accepted the offer! We've gone twice and it's not too bad, I think we'll be going to this gym a few more times, maybe more :)

So that's my week summed up, also GENERAL CONFERENCE IS NEXT WEEK! WOO! I'm so excited to hear what the prophet and the apostles, and whoever else is going to say! We're going to invite everybody and their dog to General Conference, and also we'll be preparing ourselves spiritually to benefit from Conference as much as we can :)

Love you all and here's to another week!
Elder Morrison

-A little speaker that looks like a soda can
-The member's gym