Monday, October 5, 2015

New things and the doctor's office, again....

Hey everybody! This week was an interesting one, we did a few things that were out of the ordinary, and as many of you know, this weekend we saw General Conference!
First off, this week we've had to go to the hospital a few times. No, I'm not sick :) It's my companion. He's been having pain in his lower back these past couple of days, enough pain to go get it checked out. According to the tests, he doesn't have anything serious, I don't remember what really was the cause, but the doctor gave him some medicine to take in order to get rid of the pain. He has to take some pain medicine for his lower back and also a nasal spray because he has a lot of congestion in his head, which is giving him headaches. So, yeah...he's a bit sick I guess you could say.
Also, we had a zone conference this week, this past wednesday. It was fun, and a bit long. The mission president and his wife shared interesting messages, the mission president's wife is pressuring us to stay hydrated and healthy. She showed us a video of how we need to drink 8 glasses of water each day, it was of 2 glasses singing a catchy song. It was awesome actually.
So, General Conference right? It was super cool to see the new apostles, and every single talk was amazing and inspired. Luckily I could watch all the sessions in English, along with some other 'gringos' in my zone, we had our own separate room and we watched the Conference there. I would say that my favorite talk was by Jeffry R Holland and the importance of mothers, or Robert D Hales' talk on getting married. He was pretty straight forward in that talk, I liked it!