Monday, October 12, 2015

Soccer, meetings, and ripped pants

Hey another week down, and it went by fast, just like normal. A few interesting things happened this week I guess you could say.
One cool thing was that we had a zone meeting this last Wednesday, even though we had one like a week ago, apparently this zone meeting was really the "zone meeting" and the last one was just a "zone conference", I honestly don't know what that means, but it's cool. It was nice to see the other missionaries in my zone and to hear what my leaders have to say. A couple guest speakers came to talk about goal-setting and also ways to conquer addictions, mainly for our investigators.
On Friday, we had the chance to do some service for a member, in fact, the owner of the house that we're renting. She's preparing another house for us to live in, that's like 10 feet away from our current house. This house that she's preparing is nicer, it has some more space, AND it has hot water. SO we're excited for it to be done, and we helped her paint the walls and to cover up some holes in those walls.  We still need to finish painting everything, so some day this week we're going to go in and get it done. I'm mainly doing it so that I can finally take hot showers again hahaha.
Today was fun, because the highlight of this day was that we went to the chapel at noon to play soccer with some of the youth. Let me tell you, the youth here are AMAZING at soccer, I'm pretty sure they play all day whenever they have the chance. I would too actually. Anyways, it was a lot of fun playing with them, even though it was really hot today.

The rest of the week we've just been working, we've been finding some more people to teach, little by little, but still.
Here's to another week! Until Monday!
Elder Morrison