Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting shut down and false interviews

Hey! Finished the second to last week of this transfer, just one more and we'll see where I'll go (or stay) next!
So this week was good in some aspects, and bad in others. First off, we didn't do much. Not because we're lazy, it's because not a lot of people opened their doors, they didn't want to talk to us. Maybe it's because we're ugly or something....I hope not.
We unfortunately had to leave one of our investigators behind, it was an interesting lesson we had with her. We thought she was going to receive an amazing, life-changing answer from God.....but no. She told us she hasn't received anything from God. I mentioned that maybe she needs to come to church in order to feel the Spirit more. She then proceeds to tell me that she will never come to our church nor change to our religion. She said this while laying down on her sofa, like she was waiting to tell us that. Honestly, it hurt. We shared a quick message and we said "See ya!" not to her face, but after we left. So...yeah, that was a fun experience, one of many.
This last thursday, our zone had interviews with the mission president. So, in the morning, at around 10:30, all of us were in the mission office, each of us waiting to get our area books checked, for the interview with the mission president, and for a check-up with the AP's. My companion and I checked our area books with the mission president's wife, talked with the AP's, but we never got an interview with the mission president. We waited and waited, and then waited some more. We were the last ones, along with another companionship, then the mission president comes and tells us that he doesn't have any more time, so we'll have the interviews another day. Are you serious? We've been waiting there in the mission office for hours! We eventually left at like 2:30, we were there for about 3 or 4 hours I'm pretty sure. We still haven't had an interview with the mission president.
So, enough with the negative, now with the positive! On friday, we met a Mariana and Andrés, a pair of young people. Mariana is 15 going on 16, and Andrés is 16. They're boyfriend and girlfriend, and chosen to recieve the gospel. They were really interested, they asked us a lot of questions about us and what we believe, and they accepted another appointment on Sunday. Yesterday, we talked to them and we taught the Restoration and we gave them a Book of Mormon. We also invited them to baptism and they accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of November. I need you all to pray for them, that they can maintain this date, and that they can be baptized! They're really cool people and they really are blessings for us. We have been finding other people as well, and I feel like some of them have potential, we'll see how well they progress this week.
Those are the highlights of this week, the rest of the time we've been working, finding, and doing missionary stuff.
Until next week!
Elder Morrison