Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey everyone! I'm done with another week, and the time keeps passing by faster and faster! As of Saturday, I have completed 16 months in the mission! It doesn't feel like I have that much time, but I also feel like an "experienced" missionary now. When I say "experienced", it means that I now have a general idea of what I'm doing haha.

This week was a bit more difficult for us, but not impossible, we're still alive! The church is still true! We were able to visit some of our investigators still and we were able to meet some new people too.

Fun fact! Apparently every thursday, an Apostle prays for all the missionaries in the world, so therefore Thursdays should be our "best days". It was interesting, because Thursday actually was our best day of the week, the day where we had the most lessons and the most "success" you could say. So, it's true, as you can see :)

We also had a zone conference this week, which are always fun. We went up to Guasave, which was my companion's area for 6 months! He was a zone leader up there in Guasave for an entire 6 months, so it was nice for him to see one of his old areas again. I met some new missionaries there too, fresh out of the MTC haha. It's always strange for me to meet such new missionaries, it makes me remember my first few weeks or months way back when.

As many of you know, Sunday was Mother's Day! So, I was able to talk to my family yesterday and it was great! I love seeing my family, and it's so great to have technology like Skype. My companion talked to his family too, and he also enjoyed seeing his family one last time before he goes home.

Well, that was our week! We're now going to see what we can do in this week to come. We're going to make sure that this week to come is going to be much better than the last!

Until next Monday!
Elder Morrison