Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey everyone! Passing through the second to last week of this transfer! Which means that this week right now is the last week of the transfer, this might just be my last week in Angostura! Who knows??? Stay tuned for next week!

Now this last week was a bit different for us, we've been working hard, which is normal, to find our investigators and help them progress and get them to church and the same things we do everyday.  We had the priviledge of having our mission leader come back from the United States this week. He came back with a big desire to work with us, he called us one morning and said he wanted to come with us to work and visit people. That was friday, and he also worked with us a bit on sunday, and we were able to visit some of the members, a recent convert, and we were able to meet some new people too! Yay! More investigators!

We also had a special conference in Guasave last Thursday, it was like a normal zone conference but just another one besides the one we had in the beginning of the month. We talked about things we can do to improve and have more success in our areas, we also focused a lot on teaching the principle of repentance. We now are needing to include teaching repentance in every lesson, even where we wouldn't normally do that, for example while we're teaching about the Restoration or something. 

That was pretty much our entire week haha, it was alright. And now, we're going to work extra hard to finish this transfer well! And now we'll see where I go next! Or if I stay another transfer....

Until next week!
Elder Morrison