Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey everyone! Just passing by another week in Angostura, still going strong. Some fun stuff happened with us this week, just enough to help us not get bored here haha!

In the beginning of this week, we did companion exchanges with the zone leaders! It makes it more interesting because their area is a bit farther away, about an hour or an hour and a half. It was my turn to head up there to "Guasave" to work with one of our zone leaders, Elder Marin from Oaxaca (Wah-ja-ka), while my companion stayed in Angostura to work with the other zone leader, Elder Funes from.....South Jordan. (Or West Jordan I don't remember). It was fun working with Elder Marin, since I already knew him from before, he's an awesome guy!

This week was also our branch conference! Like ward conference (that's a thing, right?) but smaller. Since it was branch conference, our mission president and his wife and son, along with one of his counselors came down to share messages with us. They focused a lot on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, it's been something that the apostles and the prophet have talked about recently. It was nice seeing mission president Munive and his wife, and his son haha. 

A funny (for me, a bit embarassing) story happened to us the other day! We were in the middle of a lesson with an investigator, everything normal. We were talking and explaining things then all of a sudden.........I get a nosebleed. Blood starts to run down, and I'm freaking out on the inside but I keep my cool. When we gave a scripture to our investigator to read, I turned to my companion and told him what was going on. He was astonished, just as I was. When the investigator finished reading, my companion quickly asked for a tissue...for me. The investigator saw me, and quickly ran for a tissue. I plugged my nose with the tissue and everything was fine. It was something small, but it still caught me by surprise haha. 

So....yeah! The rest of the time we've been working hard, trying to find investigators and doing the same old missionary routine!

Until next week!
Elder Morrison