Monday, November 9, 2015

Gears of War, Reincarnation, and John Lennon

Hey everybody! I finished another week here in Villa Bonita, and this week I officially complete 10 months in the mission field! It feels like I'm still a new missionary, but it seems like I'm not a greenie anymore haha.
This week was an interesting one, a lot of stuff happened that usually doesn't I guess you could say. 
The first few days of this week, we didn't have that many lessons. One of the reasons was that we were talking to a less active for about 3 hours! That's terrible! We completely lost track of time, we did share a message with her. Afterwards, we just started talking about random things, and that's what made us stay for so long. It wasn't something that we're proud of, we agreed to never do that again haha.
Last Friday we had a zone conference, the zone leaders asked us if we wanted to have the meeting Thursday or Friday a couple days earlier. Everybody said Thursday would be better, so the zone leaders decided to have the zone conference on Friday. No, it doesn't make sense. The conference was decent, I'm pretty sure I learned a couple things, yeah...  One part I really liked was that we had a little activity where one person would ask a hard question about doctrine and the rest of us would have to answer that question. There was some really interesting questions, but being super amazing missionaries, we had answers to all of them.....more or less :)
This weekend we had stake conference in our.......stake. We went to some saturday sessions, and the sacrament meeting on sunday, that only lasted for 2 hours instead of 3. A general authority from the 70 came and talked about a lot of things, about responsibility, the Atonement, and other things. He bashed a lot on the bishops of the stake, because not a lot of the ward council came to the reunion on saturday. He spoke very....strongly. Honestly, I enjoyed stake conference, it was good to hear the words of really important people in the church. We even saw the temple president of the Hermosillo temple, along with his wife. I shook hands with him before the reunion started, not knowing who he was. Then they announced who he and his wife were, and I was shocked! I thought, "I just shook hands with a temple!!". It was a good stake conference.
As of last saturday, we are in a new house. I will attach pictures of the house in this email or in another one. It has more space, and hot water! I'm so happy to take hot showers once again. I like it more than our previous house. Just one challenge right now is that there's a lot of mosquitos here. The mosquitos in these parts carry a disease called "Dengue" (Deng-gay) It's a pain to deal with, and if you get sick with Dengue, it's possible that you could have to stay in your house for a couple days.....due to the pain that it gives you. It's not something good to have, no sir.
So those were some of the highlights of my week this week, hope you enjoyed reading it :)
Here's to another week!
Elder Morrison