Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Surprise trips to Guaymas (Part 2)

Hey everybody! I luckily found time to write an actual email about this past week, unfortunately I didn't have time yesterday....This normally doesn't happen so no worries :)
This week had a couple of interesting things for my companion and I, the thing most interesting was the fact that I spent my entire P-Day in another part of Mexico, not even in my mission area. So, what happens is that when we are in the mission for about a year, our visas are almost expired. So naturally we have to go renew them, and we do that in a consolate building in a place called Guaymas. It's in the state of Sonora, but north of my mission, it's part of the Mexico Hermosillo mission, I think. It's far away. We took a bus, around 24 or so missionaries, and we headed up north. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to arrive in Guaymas, and we left at around 7:30. We get there at 10:30ish, and we walk to the consolate building. This building is super small and one by one we started signing papers and giving finger prints. A few other missionaries and I didn't have visa pictures, which were required, so we had to go to a local photo place and take some pictures really fast. Everything worked out in the end, and when we were done, we went and ate lunch. There was McDonalds, Little Cesar's, Burger King, and Subway to choose from. I ate subway :) After lunch we went back to the bus station and we started our bus ride back to the mission. We got back at around 5. Then, my companion and I took a bus back to our area, and we got home at like 6:15. Normally, P-day ends at 6:00 at we work for the rest of the day. So, you could say we lost our P-day. Good stuff.
We also had a meeting last Thursday, focused on a new christmas initiative from the Church. It's called A Savior has born, or in Spanish "Ha nacido un Salvador", it's really cool, and we're handing out special cards, and we're inviting people to watch a special christmas video. The video I think is already out in English, but the spanish version comes out the 29th of November. There's a special page that the Church is going to put out, and it's all just going to be awesome. You all should take a look :)
This saturday, we went to a baptism! It wasn't any of our investigators that got baptized, it was of a sister companionship in my district. The new convert's named Chalo, he's a really cool guy actually, he's really nice and it's always nice to have a new member in the Church :) 

The rest of the week, we've been working, finding people to teach, doing the same old missionary routine. I would say that we're doing pretty well, we have a good amount of lessons, and we have some baptisms planned for december. We're going to keep working hard, praying, and we'll see if we can get a few baptisms in before this year is over :)